About Simon Bolivar

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Simon Bolivar is one of the most powerful figures in world political history, leading the independence movement for six nations, Bolívar’s legacy can be seen in the multitude of statues and plaza squares bearing his likeness in several places around the world.

Simon bolivar brand is a symbol of the strength, hope, bravery and courage that shaped the character of a real leader.

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Oils & Essentials

SIMON BOLIVAR perfumes are complex compositions of chemical compounds and a fusion of ingredients taken and inspired from the nature. These breath taking scents are

a result of an artistic mixture of high quality oils extracted from different lands all around the world.

The distinctive arrangement of SIMON BOLIVAR’s different aromas is broken down using musical metaphors and vivid imagery, allowing you to live the sensual experience

it provides rather than explore the fragrance’s literal



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bySimon BolivarApril 28, 2018

News Title

bySimon BolivarApril 28, 2018